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Voices in My Head 

Work by Tyrel Thompson

June 1 2018 

Tyrel Thompson presents an exhibition involving an extension of an ongoing series entitled Voices in My Head, that is an ever-growing and continuing piece of work exploring the density and transformative qualities of language and writing. Words have an ability to slip through seams and angle perspectives depending on how they're presented and communicated in conjunction with messages desired to convey. It is Tyrel's intention to create and explore within this space and display a world of growing self-awareness, a journey through mental health understanding, and a discussion about the growing sense of restriction and hopelessness in a country so committed to the narrative of progression and 'greatness'.


Tyrel Thompson is a 24-year old artist, writer and musician from Philadelphia, PA currently based in Cincinnati, OH. Tyrel Thompson is a recent graduate of the Art Academy of Cincinnati, through which, he has been able to establish a string of art exhibitions and music performances around the Cincinnati area in locations such as The Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, The Mockbee, and several others. Even more recently, Tyrel Thompson had a poem selected by Forklift, Ohio in their recent bi-monthly publication. Entering 2018, Tyrel Thompson is writing and working on new musical and literature projects.

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