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Covington's Pique Gallery Revisits Childhood With

‘The Clubhouse’

”If you have a small amount of people, but they’re amazing people, you can do a lot,” Whittle says.

PHOTOS: 'Immerse,' wigmaker Stacey Vest's first solo show at Pique Gallery in Covington

A survey of the sea, religion and more, Immerse is Vest’s first solo show. Yes, she’ll have live models and mannequins in fantastical headdresses, but the onetime graphic designer is eager to take over Pique’s entire gallery/Airbnb with a multidimensional installation.


Librarian-Artists Celebrated With Unique Exhibit

In the information age, libraries and librarians are more important than ever to our society, given that they are purveyors of reliable information. I don’t think the general public is even aware of their importance, especially in our current political climate, or what a crucial role librarians fill. I wanted to highlight that importance by turning a light on the inner thoughts of our librarians. 


Piqued Interest

Both Brown and Whittle seem deeply committed to cultivating a community in Covington that supports artists. With the Center for Great Neighborhoods and Renaissance Covington spearheading the revitalization of their city and sponsoring projects by various fine artists, Pique seems poised to make even a short-term difference in the local arts scene. 

Experiments can fail, of course. But that’s also how you learn.


James Billiter’s Cityscape Prints Blend Art Deco and Victorian Ethos at Pique gallery

That experimentation often goes beyond color and texture — many of Billiter’s prints are directly connected with their real-life counterparts. 


Artist, Wigmaker Stacey Vest Is Ready to Get Her Feet and Hair Wet at Covington's Pique Gallery

She explores the sea, spirituality and the depths of her imagination in her first solo art show.


The landscape of Performance Art in Cincinnati: Part I

Compared to Chicago, Whittle says Cincinnati is still up and coming. Her goal is to create a local movement. Pique provides a unique venue which welcomes any kind of art making. “It’s a place to explore an idea without judgment. People reach out to me when they need a place to sketch out an idea.”


Pique provides a new artistic opportunity in Covington

Pique is Covington’s newest artistic space, combining an art gallery, workshops and classes with weekend rental living spaces. Owner Lindsey Whittle and her husband purchased the building at 210 Pike St. with the idea of turning the accompanying storefront into some type of art space.


9 Art Galleries That Double as Airbnbs

Most guests who stay at this single-bedroom Airbnb across the river from Cincinnati are not artists but people who are curious about having a judgment-free experience with art, say the owners.



"On My Head" Closing Reception and Performance at Pique

Pique gallery in Covington will host a final performance and closing reception for على راسي (which translates to “On My Head”), a series of performances and installations by Noel Maghathe, a queer Palestinian American artist and recipient of the 2017 Wilder Traveling Scholarship.


Carrie Cox: Laila Hameen’s one-woman, multi-cultural show at Pique on Pike shared important message

Pique on Pike Street in Covington entertained audiences with a multi-cultural one woman show performed by Laila Hameen. The performance, “Laid Off” recounted Laila’s story of growing up Muslim in America.

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