Gallery 1


This space is the entire unit one of 210 Pike st.  All walls painted white are considered potential space for art to happen.  This includes the designated gallery areas, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. 


The main gallery has a small merchandise store (BouPIQUE) from artists in both galleries in the exhibitions current and prior as well as local artisans and artists in the curating group.  Orginal art may also be for sale upon request.


Both galleries are voted on by a group of artists and creatives both locally and nationally.


The key given to guests staying at PIQUE through Airbnb opens the doors to both galleries and said guests are encouraged to spend as much time with the art as they want/need with the art.

 Gallery 2


This space gives viewers and artists a different take on a traidtional art viewing experience just by taking the exhibition space out of the white cube and putting it in a stairwell.  How artists engage with the space, how viewers engage with the work and how people in the gallery navigate the dance of the space together is an adventure.


 The only real critera is that people can still walk up the steps after install.


In the future, this gallery may also incorporate 1 artist residency a year.


Contact the gallery for inquires about this. 


You can help support more  artists and community

engaging activities by donating to PIQUE!

(click button to donate through Paypal)

We also except donations of materials and time! 


Example Material donations: Food/drinks for openings, Kilz paint, Command strips, Technology

(monitors, headphones, dvd players, portable hard

drives etc) Nails/screws, Power tools


Email us for ways you could donate your time:

Artfully Ridiculous!