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Nastja Nykaza:  

7:13-8:03 pm 4/14/19 

In Tension of a Gentle Hold, I sew myself to other people to explore physical representations of relationships. I offer participants to be physically attached to me with a string sewn to a part of each of our clothing. We move around the space we are in, bound to each other, while we both become aware of having to delegate which direction to move in, being obligated to each other, sacrificing some autonomy, and the interconnectedness of interactions. Engaging with other people from a simple interaction to a committed relationship involves a range of expectations and impacts that can be difficult to define and understand. This performance provides a metaphor for this abstractness and the opportunity to talk openly about the simultaneous comfort and discomfort of intimacy and the vulnerability that comes with it.

nn - nastja nykaza.png

“An Hour With M Spears”

As a lifelong student of politics and media, it has become very apparent that our country has evolved to a point that immediate gratification and being entertained matter more in today’s politics than actual facts and policy. My own campaign reflected this by placing the “flash” of the campaign (crazy hair, patriotic outfits, media attention) at the front while sliding in real policy proposals into each appearance for those paying attention. “An Hour With M Spears” features our counties most famous and impactful stump speeches, reimagined for our community, and performed by M Spears. ‘Merica.

Missy Spears:  

8:13-9:03 pm 4/14/19 

31D0AA47-15AC-408F-9A66-9448C76D8939 - E

Vogds presents an experimental queer-pop music performance featuring original fashion and installation. Dismantling pop-tropes/trend via a maximalist approach, Vogds is an unfiltered and authentic form of their specific non-binary identity, blossoming in surrealism.

Jake Vogds:  

9:13-10:03 pm 4/14/19 


This body of work reflects a curation of one's closet. Having a continual dialog with the ever-expanding collection of personal adornment, the artist strives to heighten the conversation about what we choose to wear and to what end is the madness. Collaboration with friends and their beautiful bodies.


Melissa Soluski:  

10:13-11:03 pm 4/14/19 

redmelhat - Melissa Soluski.jpg


            Macartney Greer:


DAAP HOUR- 11:13-12:03 am 4/14/19 

With a twist on the anti-melancholic kids' song,

"If You're Happy and You Know it", Greer will reflect on the superficiality of projecting conventional happiness by completing and asking audiences to perform ridiculous tasks to prove their happiness.


Lainey Schwaner:


 Fruit LoOps:

This piece explores the idea of Stockholm syndrome and the feeling of being trapped while being unable to leave. Where home is usually a place of comfort, to a person that's suffered from physical and mental abuse, home transforms into a place resembling a prison. Taking influence from my own life, this piece conceptualizes what happens to a person after being trapped in a place that is meant to be a home.

A global power city,[18] New York City has been described as the cultural,[19][20][21][22] financial,[23][24] and media capital of the world,[25][26] and exerts a significant impact upon commerce,[24] entertainment, research, technology, education, politics, tourism, art, fashion, and sports. The city's fast pace[27][28][29] has inspired the term New York minute.[30] Home to the headquarters of the United Nations,[31] New York is an important center for international diplomacy.[32][33] New York Minute is also a 2004 American teen comedy film starring Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, and Eugene Levy. It was directed by Dennie Gordon and released on May 7, 2004. Any questions?

fruit3 - Fruity Friends.jpg
ArtistPhoto - Macartney Greer.jpg


Laila Hameen:  

12:13-1:03 am 4/15/19 

Laid Off is a resume review on childhood memories of domestic violence, dating mishaps, body image issues and turning to acting and writing for a creative outlet. Laila has been independently booking shows for over 2 years. It has truly been a healing project for her to address a lot of unresolved issues from childhood up to adulthood. Every performance is guaranteed to be a different experience as it is loosely scripted and highly improvised. Laid Off was named ” Best use of unemployment for a play”, in City Beats Best of 2017 Edition.

GO FUND ME PHOTO - Laila H..jpeg

Noel Maghathe:  

1:13-2:03 am 4/15/19 

Running with words 


A durational improvisation performance, "a purple sun lying in a pool of blood" follows Adnans, The Arab Apocalypse and its graphic signs that are specifically placed on the pages and in between the words of the book. The book has been translated from French to English, to Arabic, but the signs remain the same. Awadallah attempts to create a map that translates physically through the body in movement. Looking through a diasporic lens of language and the dislocation of the Arabic sounds on her tongue, but finding how those sounds live in the bones. The body digs in its ancestral memories to create a map of the past and subconsciously imagined future. How can the unknown work being done in the present translate itself to becoming a remembered place or path?

Noelle Awadallah:  

2:13-3:03 am 4/15/19 

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 1.23.53 PM - n

Amy Rudnik:  

3:13-4:03 am 4/15/19 

I will be giving myself a stick and poke tattoo within the given time frame. The tattoo will be of a black triangle, the symbol that represented "asocial" people in concentration camps, including queer women. The placement will be on my ankle, where I once carved a star during the height of my self-injury as a teen. The piece is dedicated to the memory of my great grandmother, Frieda Rudnik who was a Holocaust survivor that I never got to meet. The piece is all about embracing my queer identity and my heritage that was hidden from me for most of my life.

amy redn.PNG

Two best friends exploring the meaning of "long distance" and how it affects their relationship.


Tiffany Tran and Ariel Vivanco:  

4:13-5:03 am 4/15/19 

tiffaney tran.PNG


Tiffany Tran and Ariel Vivanco:  

4:13-5:03 am 4/15/19 


Tiffany Tran and Ariel Vivanco:  

4:13-5:03 am 4/15/19 

I will laugh hysterically for 50 minutes.

Steve Kemple:  

5:13-6:03 am 4/15/19 

ai-render - Steve Kemple.jpg


Griffin Koelsch:  

6:13-7:03 am 4/15/19 

Greased Lightning is a homemade musical parody that plays with archetypal characters and narrative from the 1978 movie Grease using the perspective of the makeshift living room performance.

IMG_1203 - Griffin The Teenage Astrologe

I am always looking through a poetic microscope—in search of raw meaning. Through this new body of work, I attempt to dissect the innards of this world. I hope to find blood. I hope to find mucus and empathy.


Sydney Rains:  

7:13-8:03 am 4/15/19 

IMG_1856 - Sydney Rains.JPG


Troy Gallaher:  

8:13-9:03 am 4/15/19 

I will be performing a piece entitled "New Monist: (Stab 1)" and will consist of deliberately and delicately pre-determined sonic events unfolding alongside methodically selected yet ultimately improvisatory horizontal and vertical tones, the latter elements being illuminated by theatrical tricks and techniques performed by myself simultaneously as the musical work.


Me Ball is an exploration of the ego and its transference through interactions with others. How does one’s sense of SELF move from the subconscious through the ether? How does our ego inflate and transpire to other bodies within proximity?

Sidney Hilley and Anh Tran:  

9:13-10:03 am 4/15/19 

65862FBC-688B-42BF-95AA-7602A7AACB09 - a

Lauren  Sudbrink:  

10:13-11:03 am 4/15/19 

Wish Piece was created in response to the recent political turn of events in the United States. At its core, Wish Piece is a simple, participatory performance in which I invite visitors to join in writing wishes, worries, concerns, hopes, dreams, etc. onto little pieces of paper. Following this, the wishes will be lit on fire, one by one, and released into the air. The ashes will fall and be retained as evidence of our collaboration after the performance has been completed.

WishPiece1 - Lauren Sudbrink.jpg

Wish Piece was created in response to the recent political turn of events in the United States. At its core, Wish Piece is a simple, participatory performance in which I invite visitors to join in writing wishes, worries, concerns, hopes, dreams, etc. onto little pieces of paper. Following this, the wishes will be lit on fire, one by one, and released into the air. The ashes will fall and be retained as evidence of our collaboration after the performance has been completed.

Tyrel Thompson:  

11:13-12:03 pm 4/15/19 

IMG_20181220_035536 - Tyrel Thompson.jpg

Jennifer Simone:  

12:13-1:03 pm 4/15/19 

Improvised loop pedal performance and dance


This piece is part of a series of actions/performances titled “El Sueño Americano” (The American dream). Through these pieces, I question and challenge the current views on immigrants and the idea of “The American Dream” using my body and my body politics as the main medium. The actions are about making the body and the self-visible and human. It forces the audience to really sit with both realities, a singular and individual experience, a body, that is moving against a symbol of widespread dehumanization. The performances are a symbolic act for taking back control of my own body, both in a personal way and in a political way.

Sam Cortez:  

1:13-2:03 pm 4/15/19 


Mary Clare Rietz:  

2:13-3:03 pm 4/15/19 

In her first-ever solo art performance, Mary Clare will enact and embody the infinite past that came before her, and the infinite future that will proceed, bisected by the tiny insignificance of her one brief human incarnation. This work is performed in the linear on purpose, to instigate urgent inquiry that could go in all directions –––

MC Rietz - Mary Clare Rietz.jpg


AAC HOUR- 3:13-4:03 pm 4/14/19 


Lauren Castillo:


            Sam Anderson:

A duration performance piece involving a sponge and a bucket.  With these tools, I will be using my time to wash away my shadow.

'Tales of the Chambered Nautilus' is an exploration of my body in its surroundings. I will be laying in a pool of water, with colors painted on my face and body, the colors will slowly diffuse and I will gradually become one with my environment. 


Elena Kay Herren:

In this work, I will be brushing my hair. This piece contemplates preciousness through a variety of mediums, believing the medium of a work function as a vessel for the corporeal needs required to manifest a thought or feeling observed from material and metaphysical existence.

sampichehehehe - Pique Art Space.jpg
profilepicumbrellause - Elena Kay Herren



Objects and buddies



Andrea Sisson:  

4:13-5:03 pm 4/15/19




Robin Alicia-Clare Hoskins:  

5:13-6:03 pm 4/15/19

My songs are little stories about what I’ve seen and felt. Some are cheerful, some are lonely. Some are filled with rage. These stories give my audience exposure to my reactions, experiences, pain as well as my gratitude. I sing about my sorrows and blessings and societal injustices. I hope that my audience will discover that through my music, they are never alone no matter what obstacles they face. Contrariwise in times of joy, I am there too.

FB_IMG_1468934492118 - Robin Hoskins.jpg
a11 - M M.JPG

Our piece is about the exploration of letting go through poetry, dance, and ritual.



Max McCormick and Laura Lane:  

6:13-7:03 pm 4/15/19

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