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Call to artists internationally!

This project is focusing on the feelings and moments centered around the connection and transfer of knowledge, traditions, and culture through generations.  

DEADLINE: 12.01.2022


Submission guidelines:
Submit up to five images
Include: Title, material, size, date created, and description of the piece(s). 
All artistic media accepted for review 
Submission must also include CV, bio, and artist statement 

Submit up to five images and one Inventory document. Include: Title, material, size, date created, and description of the piece(s) (limit 150 words).



***All artistic media accepted for review, for International Artists in particular, we suggest**** printable/2-D, video, ready-made (work that can be built here in Covington) or Easily Shippable due to shipping logistics and cost. 

We are open to playing with presentation of works. If you have an idea or preference for display, please add it with the description. The Gallery is also a Bed and Breakfast, this means the space has a kitchen and a bedroom, you are welcome to share work in those rooms if that appeals to you!  Here is a link with the layout of both gallery spaces we will be utilizing.

About Pique:

Pique is an open-ended art experiment based in Covington, Kentucky. The common denominator is that workshops, classes, and events take place frequently in the context of art. Through our events, we create opportunities, connections, and funding for artists and the community. We hope to blow your mind through our challenging exhibitions, workshops, lectures, classes, and events throughout the year. Stop by often because our community gallery will frequently change, and maybe surprise you. We hope Pique always evolves and changes.

-Artist must be based in the US or Canada.
-Prioritizing queer BIPOC artists, focusing on 
SWANA descent.

About the Curators:

Layan (she/they) is a Palestinian-Kuwaiti multidisciplinary artist born in Kuwait, based in Montreal. Having spent the majority of her life between the SWANA region and Turtle Island, Layan’s work is influenced by the contrast of her lived experiences. She’s always appreciated all forms of art from a young age and attended culinary school at 19. While working with food, from mixing colours and creating sugar art for elaborately decorated cakes to food styling, has been a passion of theirs their current focus is fashion styling, centering BIPOC artists and their brands, and creative direction. The marriage of cultural exposure and her visual translations can be seen in the visuals for Nadine Altounji’s songs Bint El Balad and 3ala Bali on her latest EP The Stories That Ties Us Trees Vol.1.


We would like to address PIQUE’s funding of their space via Airbnb. We understand that PIQUE is solely run by working artists and uses the Bed and Breakfast to be able to fund their space. However, we do not condone or have any affiliations with Airbnb and acknowledge that Airbnb operates on stolen land while participating in the exploitation of Palestinian land and resources for settlement tourism. We also recognize Airbnb’s global role in systematically undermining housing rights and unionized work in the hospitality industry

Noel Maghathe (they/them) is a queer, mixed Palestinian-American performance installation artist. Maghathe creates and performs with queer functional tools to navigate the world. Their practice focuses on their Palestinian heritage and the occupation of Palestine, their love and pride for their country, and sharing the pain of occupation and their longing for their country to educate their audience. Connecting with other Palestinian artists in the diaspora is vital to the work Maghathe creates. They began dipping their toes into curation to bring the artists together in the art world in an experimental way. 

Maghathe holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography with a minor in sculpture from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2017, where they were awarded the Stephen H. Wilder Traveling Scholarship. Maghathe is featured in EMERGENCY Index: An Annual Document of Performance Practice, Volume 9. They currently continue to create work in their studio based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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