The Clubhouse 

-Revisit the ideas of your Dream childhood Clubhouse, as an adult artist.

-Build it at Pique, with your younger self.
-Use traditional clubhouse materials, like superhero bed sheets, couch cushions, cardboard, etc... or, investigate it through materials that are now relevant to your art practice.
-Show us your childhood inspirations…the cartoons, comic books, lightning bugs, parents, teachers, astronauts, bicycles, and tree-houses, that made you who you are.
-Show us, the life that has shaped you, into who you are.
-What does the space of a clubhouse, mean to you today?
-Post your clubhouse rules.

-Artists... Reserve your spot… before, you get left out of the club.

-Aug 1st: The Clubhouse build begins (all day).
-Each week of the show, Pique will have an open-house…allowing clubhouse artists, to continue their construction… and allowing anyone, to come in and check out the progress.
-Finish your clubhouse by Sept 5th:
-Sept 5th: The Clubhouse finale event… and Pique’s Birthday Celebration!

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