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on my head              على راسي

January 10 - February 15, 2017

Half Opening December 15

Opening reception January 10

6pm- (11ish)

Noel Maghathe is a queer Palestinian American artist and recipient of the 2017 Wilder Traveling Scholarship. Through performance and installation, Maghathe works to affect and disturb sites of exclusion. In these spaces, Maghathe implements cellophane in acts of intervention and resistance. These acts come in many forms, including cloaking, waving, wrapping, and many times, simply remaining visible. This fall, Maghathe continued these investigations in Hebron, West Bank, Palestine. Cellophane is most known for it’s fragility and iridescence. Here we have an opportunity to observe vulnerability as radicalism. Maghathe uses cellophane to articulate presence. In cultures and locations where queerness may remain unseen, it is never absent. Although transparent, when activated by light the material shimmers- a blinding assertion of a gentle power. Visibility here is a kindness to the viewer. Through performance and documentation, the artist returns authority to the femme.

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