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I'll tell Me of a place I've known, 
Me calls of it the "Me Zone!" 
Where product-objects speak in tongues, 
and every interaction's sung. 
Where all the pop-stars come to die, 
the only residents are I. 
Where self is other and other is self, 
and toys gaze back on every shelf. 
Where subconsciouses are quarantined, 
and desire is my warrantee. 
Where I become both queen and hive, 
the inanimate breed with the live. 
Where Sirens riff in mirror-chambers, 
held hostage in their tone and timbre. 
Where masturbation's not for pleasure, 
but a side-effect of leisure. 
Where identity's an island mall, 
and tourists seek to live them all. 
A limbo where all Me's can play, 
isolated, tucked away. 
Where mockingbirds and lyres roam, 
Me calls of this the "Me Zone!" 

Jake Vogds is a multidisciplinary performance artist/singer working in installation, visual media, sculpture, and costume. Through surreal pop-vocal performances, Vogds toys with contemporary notions of camp, trend, and queer consumerism. In June of 2014, he was awarded the Shapiro Center’s EAGER Research Grant for his Queer Mixed Realities Collective from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has performed and exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Defibrillator, Links Hall, Chicago Artist Coalition, Zhou B Arts Center, Three Walls Gallery, and the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, among others. He received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2014) on a presidential merit scholarship. Currently, he is teaching performance at the Art Academy of Cincinnati while cultivating his performative and visual practices in Chicago.

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