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December 8- December 28th 2015

Gallery 2 at PIQUE

Expose and shatter reality filters installed by rationalist-linguistic programming.

Join us for the opening reception of Troy Gallagher's "Erg Match: Tamper with the the Energy Evidence." Gallagher is an artist and musician from Cincinnati, OH. Primarily an exponent of experimental and noise music, “Erg Match: Tamper with the Energy Evidence” is the debut showing of his visual artworks. Utilizing psychic automatism in drawing as well as process-oriented digital manipulation he creates assaultive, psychedelic, complex and vivid images that seek to provoke and exalt the viewer. 
"Erg Match: Tamper with the Energy Evidence" will feature drawings, collages, and prints by Troy Gallagher. The gallery invites the viewer to search for and identify patterns and processed iterations derived from organically-generated source material and to contemplate the methods by which chaos seeks to resolve itself.

DIS-COVER the cosmic thread that runs through the bio-skein of the natural world

Process the CATACLYSM that generates all emergent forms 

Embrace the evolutionary force of ENTROPY that permeates the omiverse

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