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AUGUST 5 2022 -

Dueling Aesthetics 
Work by Jessica Fogle


Cincinnati-based artist, photographer, and fashion editor, Jessica Fogle, is unveiling a multimedia gallery exhibition entitled Dueling Aesthetics at Pique Gallery in Covington on August 5th.

Through photography, video, and sculptural installations, the exhibition will explore the artist’s two contrasting aesthetic viewpoints and deliver them to the viewer as:

Part Optical Illusion
Part Selfie Museum
Part Alternate Reality


Artist Statement:
"My goal for this project was to create a world that I wished to see with my own eyes. Something that changes as you spend time with it, either visually or viscerally. Upon first glance, you might not know exactly what it is that you're looking at and it may take some time to register. But in those moments, your imagination ignites, transporting you to an alternate reality. I want to transform the viewer, even if only for a moment, and give them a glimpse into a more beautiful world of fantasy and abstraction."

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