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Pique hopes to provide provoking and engaging workshops, panels, events and classes.  Check the calendar for upcoming workshops and events.


If you are interested in any of the proposed classes below which will be starting in October please email: Email@pique


Prices and class schedule coming soon.

Pay Attention! Using Our Senses to Observe Our World

For Kindergarten-1st Grade

5 classes, 1.5 hours each class


In this lively class, we will learn about our senses, not from a scientific point of view, but from an artistic point of view. Through a series of activities and hands-on experiments, we will explore our world around us, heighten our abilities of observation, and foster curiosity. By paying attention to what our senses tell us, we will gain a greater understanding of our world.



Big Questions

For Middle and High Schoolers

6 classes, 1 hour each class


Our first 2 classes will be devoted to learning how to trust a website, how to find out who is behind the site and if it is a trustworthy source. In the last 4 classes, students will use these skills to research answers to big questions. At the end of each class, students will present their findings.



Living an Audacious Life

For Adults

3 classes, 1 hour each class


Do you remember a time when you were creative, but feel like you have lost that creativity? This class will help you overcome the obstacles that keep you from tapping into your creative self and living an audacious life.



Want something a little different? I can create a custom class for you. I specialize in classes that promote creative thinking. Email

Instructor: Annie Brown

Always wanted to learn how to sew and don't believe it's possible?  Oh it is, I know it. 



Already know how to sew but want to learn how to pattern your dream outfit?  Also possible.



Email with a description of the project and/or goal you want to make a reality and we will shape that into a class or lessons. I can offer private or group lessons.


Check out my work at


Instructor: Lindsey Whittle

 Create Your Own Comics Intensive Class

All ages (but may separate into older and younger groups)

6-8 week class


Learn the fundamentals of comic book illustration. inking, layout, thumbnails. dialogue, photoshop, and even how to get your books printed during this action packed class.  Become part of the Cincinnati Comic movement learning from Pique's very own Clint Basinger of Cosmic Moustache Comics.



For more information visit

Instructor: Clint Basinger

What kind of classes would you like to see happen at PIQUE?  Or would you like to teach a class at PIQUE?


Email us at


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