Pique is an open ended art experiment. The common denominator is that workshops, classes, and events take place frequently in the context of art. Through our events we create opportunities, connections, and funding for artists and the community. We hope to blow your mind through our challenging exhibitions, workshops, lectures, classes, and events throughout the year. Stop by often because our community gallery will frequently change, and maybe surprise you. 


We hope Pique always evolves and changes.  Stay tuned . . .

Covington's Pique Gallery Revisits Childhood With

‘The Clubhouse’

”If you have a small amount of people, but they’re amazing people, you can do a lot,” Whittle says. 

James Billiter’s Cityscape Prints Blend Art Deco and Victorian Ethos at Pique gallery

That experimentation often goes beyond color and texture — many of Billiter’s prints are directly connected with their real-life counterparts. 

9 Art Galleries That Double as Airbnbs

Most guests who stay at this single-bedroom Airbnb across the river from Cincinnati are not artists but people who are curious about having a judgment-free experience with art, say the owners.


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